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Feel empowered to express
yourself confidently.

Be Brave

Find the courage to stand up and speak your truth.

Set Boundaries

Learn how to set healthy boundaries
& achieve work/life balance.


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Be Bold, Brave & Empowered

I empower women to stand up and speak up for themselves in work and relationships by

  • uncovering what's blocking them from being bold and brave
  • giving them the space to try on their empowered voice and self-expression
  • co-creating the tools and techniques they can use to overcome fears and be the brave, confident and self-assured women they truly are


Using coaching techniques designed to help you gain a better understanding of -and relationship to- yourself, we will explore ways you can creatively address your fears and practice or "try on" your self-assurance. We'll work on specific instances in your career and relationships where you need help standing up for yourself. Once you have practiced your empowered personal self-expression in the face of fears, together we'll develop a tool box of techniques you can use going forward to speak your truth and feel stronger and more confident, whether at work or in your personal relationships.

“We hold ourselves back in ways both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands, and by pulling back when we should be leaning in. "

- Sheryl Sandberg

SHINE - Group Coaching Calls

Do you want to learn how to stand up and speak up for yourself? Do you seek the support of others who are with you on the path towards personal self-expression? Are you ready to SHINE?

Join me for monthly SHINE Group Coaching Calls!

On each call, you will be able to explore your unspoken or hidden truths and tackle whatever is holding you back from shining your brilliance in the world. Each call will include one-on-one coaching with me as well as supportive discussions with the SHINE Community members on the call. In addition, you will be invited to participate in an online community of support and will receive helpful materials and follow-up emails to keep you on the path to your own brilliance.

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In the SHINE Community, you will:

  • Identify your Unspoken Truth
  • When and Where to say "No" and how to know YOUR "Yes"
  • Co-create and practice daily actions which will enable you to live BRAVELY and SHINE your Brilliance!

Call # 1: Getting to BOLDNESS

Identify your Unspoken Truth and learn how to share it with others - boldly and bravely.

Call #2: Setting BOUNDARIES

Explore when & where to say "No" and how to know YOUR "Yes".

Call #3: Shine Your BRILLIANCE

Practices and daily actions you can take which will enable you to live each day BRAVELY and BRILLIANTLY

Beginning in January, 2018 - Register Here!

About Me


Victoria Dzenis, CPC

Bravery over Fear

Early in my career, I thought I was “doing it right” – I was working a full-time job in a leadership role, I was in a committed relationship with an outgoing and driven guy and I had a full social schedule every weekend. Problem was, I didn’t have a clue about what I REALLY wanted. I just knew that all of this supposedly "good" stuff – the stuff I was told was “right” by my parents, peers and society at large – wasn’t working for me. I was stressed, sick and exhausted. My work environment was not supportive, my relationship was rocky and I felt like I was just “performing” with my friends, rather than having authentic relationships. A colleague referred to me as “a flower potted in dry soil in the shade.” I needed a more nourishing environment, and I needed to allow myself to grow.

But growing out of the status quo takes bravery. The first step for me was getting clear about what I wanted for myself (not what I thought others wanted for me!) Then, I had to take some risks. Breaking out of the life I thought I was supposed to be living and reaching towards the life that is right for me required self-examination, developing self-confidence and some stumbling around a bit!

Along the way, I was encouraged...

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