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Pippin "the coaching dog" and I are excited to meet you!
Pippin "the coaching dog" and I are excited to meet you!

Victoria Dzenis, CPC

Bravery over Fear

Early in my career, I thought I was “doing it right” – I was working a full-time job in a leadership role, I was in a committed relationship with an outgoing and driven guy and I had a full social schedule every weekend. Problem was, I didn’t have a clue about what I REALLY wanted. I just knew that all of this supposedly "good" stuff – the stuff I was told was “right” by my parents, peers and society at large – wasn’t working for me. I was stressed, sick and exhausted. My work environment was not supportive, my relationship was rocky and I felt like I was just “performing” with my friends, rather than having authentic relationships. A colleague referred to me as “a flower potted in dry soil in the shade.” I needed a more nourishing environment, and I needed to allow myself to grow.
But growing out of the status quo takes bravery. The first step for me was getting clear about what I wanted for myself (not what I thought others wanted for me!) Then, I had to take some risks. Breaking out of the life I thought I was supposed to be living and reaching towards the life that is right for me required self-examination, developing self-confidence and some stumbling around a bit!

Along the way, I was encouraged by mentors, coaches and counselors who inspired me to be braver. I went back to school (twice!), transformed my relationships and started my own business (twice!) I now feel more relaxed, self-assured and confident in my daily life.
I believe in giving back to our communities and sharing our gifts with the world. Right now, it feels important to re-vitalize our commitment as women to help other women stand up for themselves and speak their truth. At lot is at stake and we are invited at this time to support each other in evolving our fears into courage. Whether on a public stage or in your personal life, I will work with you to embrace a life of authentic balance, boldness and bravery.

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”

- Madeleine Albright