Success Stories


Pam reached out to me for coaching when she found herself in an unhealthy working relationship with her boss. She said, “I want to learn how to speak my truth and not feel overwhelmed in the face of my fears.” We set to work using real examples from her life to help her learn where her blocks were and how best to manage them. When her boss was demanding and demeaning, she practiced stepping away from the negative behavior, identifying her own needs in the moment, and returning to the conversation from a place of strength. She learned how to form alliances with co-workers and other supervisors to help support her. After working together for a couple of months, Pam found that she could stand up to the negativity from her boss and ultimately, she was hired for a new position in her company under a new boss – her old boss’s boss, to be exact! She also found that practicing speaking her truth at home – getting clear about and asking for what she wanted – improved her relationship with her husband, too. Of her experience, Pam says: “As women we have unique challenges due to our conditioning (always be gracious), our own ambition and discipline as professionals (have your sh*t together at all times so you are not looked down upon as ‘isn't that just like a woman’), and multiple competing roles and demands to fulfill. Victoria’s coaching helped me overcome these issues. She is practical, compassionate and a person of action and all these things resonate with people like me.”

“Working with Victoria has been extremely rewarding. I have gained a stronger understanding of what brings me joy, and of what keeps me productive. I highly recommend her insightful coaching.” 
- CM

"It was a big move for me to accept professional personal coaching, and I'm glad I chose Victoria. She helped me thoughtfully move through a powerful growth phase in my life where change occurred so rapidly it was nearly overwhelming at times. She checked in on me frequently during the coaching process just to see how I was doing or lend a supportive word. She is an outstanding listener with positive motivations and your long-term best interests in mind. While suggesting challenging questions to ask yourself and meditate on for personal growth, she is also a kind and caring person who is extremely valuable to have in your corner." - EK

"Working with Victoria has been such a uniquely valuable experience for me. Her calming approach has helped me to open up and allow myself to feel the healing power of being ‘at choice’ in my life. It was rewarding to have her unwavering support on the path towards creating the life I choose. If you're ready to make some positive changes and learn to be at choice yourself, I highly recommend Victoria as a life coach! Make the choice to find out what you need to grow!" -MS

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

- Anais Nin